Xavi Hernandez girlfriend

Xavi Hernandez girlfriend

Xavi Hernandez is a legendary midfielder of FC Barcelona and behind him are many trophies and matches. He almost never speaks of his private life, but it is known that he didn't have girlfriend until recently when he was spotted kissing a girl on Ibiza. Who is Xavi Hernandez girlfriend?
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Xavi Hernandez and girlfriends

He is very descreet and that‘s something unusual because he is the football icon known throughout the world. Xavi Hernandez seems to have other thing in mind than girlfriend and he is completely focused on football. Ex Xavi Hernandez girlfriend was Elsa Egea, who broke with him explaining that she could not stand his constant absence because of the obligations he had with FC Barcelona. In an interview about Xavi Hernandez girlfriend, he told: “A girlfriend is demanding and she is also distracting. I ended my last relationship five years ago. Back then, I was only a reserve for Barcelona. I thought the age was to blame, that I am still young and I have to wait for my turn. It was not the case. Once I ended up with girls, my game got better.” Maybe that‘s the reason why he didn‘t have girlfriend for some time, maybe not. There are rumors that he is gay. Nevertheless, Xavi do not pay much attention to these rumors. He plays his game and he is at the top of it. Xavi Hernandez is highly respected by his colleagues, so if a man of his calibre decide that he does not need a girlfriend because she is only a burden, everyone have to respect that.

Xavi Hernandez new girlfriend

As the rumors were coming in Xavi Hernandez were spotted on Ibiza with the girl. Apparently they are together because they were seen kissing and cuddling. Is this a new Xavi Hernandez girlfriend? By the way they exchange tenderness it looks like Xavi Hernandez found a girlfriend. This is a great news for many his fans because it was suspected he was gay. Xavi go public with this girl and refuted all rumors of him being gay. Here you can see photos of Xavi and new girlfriend together on Ibiza. Looks like they were having really nice time there in the sun of Ibiza. Is this the Xavi‘s way to show the people the rumors of him being gay are untrue or this is really it? Fans of Xavi and FC Barcelona could only suspect for now, but the time will show. Anyway if this is a true new girlfriend, than she looks like a good catch.

Xavi Hernandez videos

Not that we neglect Xavi Hernandez girlfriend, but his skills are something we assume to be more attractive to watch, than rumors considering his private life. The football icon and by many one of the greatest midfielder of all times constantly shows why he is the best in his position. His passing is almost perfect and his sense of the game is hard to surpass. Xavi is almost indispensable part of FC Barcelona, so he plays every game if he is fit. Some people claim that without Xavi Hernandez and Andres Iniesta, the FC Barcelona would not be the same and maybe would not won so many trophies. Although Lionel Messi is considered the best football player on the planet, some expert from the football world state that without Xavi‘s passes, Messi can not be as effective as he is with them. Sites like youtube or other with sports content are loaded with Xavi Hernandez videos. Here are some videos of Xavi‘s skills.

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